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Perdition Prediction: There are many who believe Perdition (Hell on earth) will begin this coming week as Greek bonds are sold and CDS (Credit Default Swaps) are triggered. A lot of Nervous Nellies are fretting over a few hundred trillion dollars in CDS being paid out. A CDS is a hybrid between a derivative which is a bet on the future value of a bond or a commodity and insurance. New York banks have hundreds of trillions of liabilities due for the decline in the valuation of European bonds. I say do not worry. Ben Bernanke has been buying mortgages to keep mortgage rates down. Do not worry. Be happy. Helicopter Ben will keep bond prices up by buying tens of trillions of dollars in bonds in Europe and the US. I think Bernanke can keep this scam going so Perdition will not go into full force until after the elections…

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